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I set this site up when we were heading for the Brexit referendum in 2016. You can find those stories here. I thought I’d revive it during the Covid-19 crisis while many of us are stuck at home for most if not all of the day. I try to get out briefly around beloved London and maybe to remind you it’s been through far worse. Stay well!   add another page.

3 thoughts on “From the editorial board

  1. “Multicultural London, demonised by the self-imagined descendants of those Johnny-come-lately Anglo-Saxons, is definitely not a new phenomenon.”

    Spot on. I recommend Robert Winder’s Bloody Foreigners for the best analysis of our multi-cultured past. You probably know him and his books.

    I alighted on your walks quite by accident from my civic perch as Chief Commoner in the City of London Corporation. I will happily give you a tour of our amphitheatre so that you can explain the executions. That I did not know.

    Best wishes, Brian Mooney


    • Good to hear from you, Brian. Funnily enough, Robert was in touch a month or so ago and I finally read his book which I hadn’t been aware of before. Very good. You may be right about the executions. I think I read it in two sources but it might be “fake news”! The amphitheatre is, in any case, very impressive. All the best, Harvey


      • Good to hear from you. I will check with our historians but I don’t recall any compelling archaeological evidence of executions there. Winder’s book goes a long way to explaining the twisted narrative which helped win the Brexit vote. Pop me an email at and I will invite you to Guildhall when we restore the old order. All Best, Brian


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